Enjoy the Journey in the East Coast

As a 13-room hotel, together with French restaurant Sinasera 24, we are here to provide you a memorable experience.

our story

Welcome to Sinasera Resort

“Sinasera” is the traditional language in Amis tribe, refers to “the land”. We are inviting you to our land, to feel the air in the east coast, to experience the Amis culture, and to enjoy local ingredients.

On the 1st floor, our French restaurant “Sinasera 24” is led by Chef Nick, provides menus that symbolized our land. We look forward to share more with you.

Discover Our Restaurant

The food is created in the moment and is ever-changing. It is influenced not only by our terroir, weather and Taiwanese culture (not limited to Amis), but by carefully examining every ingredient, gathering the most environmental friendly products, figuring out which techniques will pay the highest respect to the ingredient as a whole. 


We offer various room types, from twin rooms, triple rooms to quadruple rooms, total of 13.

Sinasera Resort

地址:962002 台東縣長濱鄉南竹湖 26-3 號

週一至週日: 8:00 – 21:00